Just Say “NO” To APNO

by | May 10, 2021

Here’s the deal:

You deserve so much better than APNO.

No other dermatitis on the human body
would a physician prescribe
a steroid,
and an antibiotic
all at once.

Because we actually diagnose what is causing the dermatitis (rash/lesion)
and treat with the appropriate treatment.
If it is fungal, we prescribe an antifungal.
If it is bacterial, we prescribe an antibiotic.
If it is inflammation due to an irritant or contact dermatitis, we prescribe a steroid.
We do not just throw
the whole kitchen sink at it
and hope for the best.

For some reason,
when it comes to nipples,
suddenly we no longer take the time
to diagnose and
treat appropriately. 

There are several reasons for this:
Our patriarchal society that does not value appropriate diagnosis and treatment for a condition that mainly affects people who identify as women.
Leading to poor training for physicians and other healthcare professionals in how to diagnose and treat this primarily woman issue.
Postpartum people are not prioritized by the medical system. The only people assessing the nipple concerns are lactation consultants who, while amazing and so incredibly valued and needed, are not trained and it is not within their scope of practice to diagnose and treat nipple lesions/dermatitis.  

What do we do?
Lactating parents deserve better than APNO.
You deserve the time and expertise of someone who can accurately diagnose and appropriately treat the specific issue.
Find a physician/midwife who will take a good history and do a quality physical exam and figures out what is causing the specific concern.

At Fourth Trimester Doc, we are breastfeeding medicine specialists and provide in home care in the postpartum period for mothers/postpartum people and their newborns.  Send in a contact form via our website or call to schedule a free consultation.  We would love to be a small part on your journey of motherhood.

​Dr. Haggerty


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