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Dr. Haggerty a physician and is board certified in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine and Breastfeeding and Lactation Medicine. Dr. Haggerty holds the highest degree in lactation, only available to physicians.  Dr. Haggerty collaborates with legal teams and individual clients within the realm of family law, offering expertise in breastfeeding and lactation matters concerning infants and toddlers. Her focus is on advocating for the child’s well-being and best interests and maternal physical and mental health, drawing upon evidence-based lactation, pediatric, and parenting resources. She aids parents in navigating custody arrangements.

Furthermore, Dr. Haggerty provides support to mothers/lactating parents facing challenges in expressing breastmilk at workplaces, a right typically safeguarded by local regulations. She also represents mothers/lactating parents encountering obstacles to breastfeeding in public settings. Additionally, she advocates for individuals seeking insurance coverage for lactation services under the Affordable Care Act, addressing cases where rightful benefits have been unjustly denied by insurers.

She is located in Minnesota and is able to consult virtually as well as travel to your location.

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